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Il tuo carrello è vuoto

Moon Exercises

In June, we invite you to rediscover moments of surprise and delight, approaching life with the wonder of a child. Embrace the newness of experiences, even those that may have been forgotten but once brought joy.

Sight is a dominant sense, but this journey is about experiencing with all our senses, creating strong, memorable sensations. Here are some suggestions for experiencing something old as if it were new again. There’s no right or wrong way—it's all about re-discovery.

“Everything Old is New Again”

The Orange Moon Exercise | BuDhaGirl

This is one of my favorites because it reminds me of the independence I felt when I peeled and ate my first orange. Here’s how to recreate that experience:

ONE | Take an orange. Wash it. Dry it. Decide you are going to eat it.

TWO | Sit quietly in a place where you can fully enjoy this orange.

THREE | Approach it with the anticipation of a child tasting an orange for the first time.

FOUR | Peel it with your hands. What’s it like to remove the first peel? Notice the aroma and texture of the orange. Where will you put the peel? Do you want to taste it? Are your hands becoming sticky? Is there too much pith? What do you do next?

FIVE | Break the orange and delight in its fragrance. Take one segment, feel it, smell it, and pop it into your mouth. Savor the sensation. Are you smiling? Finish the orange. Where do you put the pits? Reflect on the joy of doing something so simple yet so complex. After all, you didn’t just take a bite out of the orange…

The Soap Moon Exercise | BuDhaGirl

This exercise brings back memories of childhood when liquid soaps weren’t common. Use a bar of soap, preferably a beautifully scented, triple-milled one:

ONE | If the soap is new, unwrap it. If it’s wrapped in paper, save the wrap for a drawer sachet.

TWO | Go to your sink and mix the water temperature to be pleasing—cooler than your body temperature but still refreshing.

THREE | Wet your hands and start making lather with the soap. Feel the transformation.

FOUR | Keep lathering until you form a soap cream. Bring it up to your face and inhale deeply. Experience the joy of cleansing, but also have fun with it.

FIVE | Linger as long as you want in this sensory experience. Then, sadly, bring it to an end by rinsing your hands and patting them dry.

SIX | Reflect on the experience. How long did it take you? What did you discover? Was it worth your time?

The Flower Moon Exercise | BuDhaGirl

This exercise is about reconnecting with the beauty and simplicity of nature. Choose a flower, any flower that appeals to you. Here’s how to rediscover the magic of a single bloom:

ONE | Pick a flower that catches your eye. It could be from your garden, a local park, or a florist. Bring it to a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

TWO | Start by simply looking at the flower. Notice its color, shape, and texture. Is it vibrant or soft? Are there any patterns or unique features? Spend a few minutes just observing it.

THREE | Bring the flower close to your nose and take a deep breath. Notice the scent. Is it strong or subtle? Sweet or spicy? Try to identify any specific notes in its fragrance.

FOUR | Gently touch the petals, feeling their texture. Are they smooth, velvety, or delicate? Touch the stem and leaves too. How do they differ from the petals? Feel the weight and balance of the flower in your hand.

FIVE | Think about where the flower came from. How did it grow? What kind of environment did it thrive in? Reflect on the process from seed to bloom and the natural beauty that resulted.

SIX | Finally, find a special place to display your flower. Each time you see it, let it remind you of this moment of mindfulness and the joy of rediscovering the simple beauty of nature.

Past Moon Exercises

The Butterfly Effect Full Moon Exercise | BuDhaGirl

As we enter the brighter half of the year, our energies shift outward, focusing more on the external world and our physical selves rather than the introspective soul-searching of the darker months. If you've been following BuDhaGirl Full Moon Memos, you'll remember our recent themes of assessment, organization, cleansing, and letting go. Now, we stand at the threshold of blooming (opening), ready to share our inner light with the world.


Burning symbolic items as part of a release ceremony can be a powerful and cathartic experience. Fire has long been seen as a cleansing force, capable of transforming and purifying.

So, to begin this Shadow Burn Release exercise, let’s first create a ceremonial space where you can release shadows such as old emotions, beliefs, or habits that no longer serve you. You can write these shadows down on paper and then burn them in a fireproof container, symbolizing the act of letting go and making space for new energy and opportunities.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the Shadow Burn Release Exercise:

Materials Needed:
Pen or Pencil
Tweezers or Tongs
Matches or Lighter
Fireproof Bowl
Water (for safety)
April's Full Moon (for symbolic release)

STEP ONE - Begin with Gratitude

Start by acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the journey that has brought you to this point. Recognize that even challenging experiences have contributed to your growth and readiness to release.

STEP TWO - Write Down Shadows

On a piece of paper with ample spacing between each line, write down the shadows you wish to release. Be specific and heartfelt in your writing, expressing your desire to let go of these burdens.

STEP THREE - Cut the Paper

Cut the paper so that each shadow is now an individual piece of paper.

STEP FOUR - Light the Papers

Carefully and intentionally, light each piece of paper over a fireproof bowl. Use tweezers or tongs to handle the paper to avoid burning yourself. As the paper burns, let the ashes fall into the bowl.

STEP FIVE - Release Under April‘s Full Moon

Once all the papers have been burned and turned into ashes, take the bowl outside under April's full moon. Release the ashes into the air, symbolically letting go of the shadows and allowing them to be transformed by the moon's energy.

STEP SIX - End in Gratitude

Conclude the ceremony with a moment of gratitude. Express thanks to the elements, the moon, and any spiritual guides or energies that supported you during the release process.

In January we set intentions, in February we cleansed our life to allow those intentions to expand and become outcomes, in March we are going to take an inventory of the resources we control. Our internal wealth inventory. These internal resources are of time, energy, health, wisdom, beauty, kindness, and love. How we make use of them is what makes us wealthy.

Take a moment to assess your internal inventory. What’s inside?

March Full Worm Moon | BuDhaGirlMarch Full Worm Moon | BuDhaGirl

ONE | How are you in the time department? Do you need more time for yourself? Where are you wasting time? What would improve your time by 10%?

TWO | How are you in the energy department? Do you have enough fuel to get you through your day so at the end of the day you can rest in gratitude? Where can you source more energy? Or do you need to remove excess energy?

THREE | How are you in the health department? How are you feeling physically? Do you need a check-up? Do you need to modify things to improve your health? How about sleep?

FOUR | How are you in the wisdom department? Think of something that has turned out right for you because of your knowledge and experience? Can you replicate those steps in other things? Can you share with others?

FIVE | How are you in the beauty department? This is self-love. Are you happy with yourself? What are your strengths? Can you highlight those? Do it for YOU (not for everyone else)!

SIX | How are you in the kindness department? When was the last time you did something for someone without any strings attached? When was the last time you gave yourself a break?

SEVEN | How are you in the love department? Do you need more love? Can you give more love? What does love mean to you?

Pantry Internal Inventory Full Moon Exercise | BuDhaGirlPantry Internal Inventory Full Moon Exercise | BuDhaGirl

Download our Internal Inventory Exercise so that all these questions regarding your internal well-being have a place to live. By performing these exercises, you just might discover some things about yourself that have lived in your subconscious and now are coming to light. The key is always to move forward. If some of these questions are difficult, let that discomfort appear, and with a neutral and loving approach, see if you can understand why you feel uncomfortable and with gentle kindness, see if you can modify your thought and behavior to better things. Remember we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them. Like I like to say: “Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.” Go forth now with a wonderful, clean, and objective arsenal of strength.


In January we set our intentions for the year; in February, we will cleanse our space and our spirit, so that our intentions have a path of least resistance. We will create rituals to declutter our lives so all the new, budding ideas and desires can travel towards us without hindrance. We are going to “Marie Kondo” it.

A life well lived is not one of excess. It is receiving joy from the “Goldilocks” theory…when things are just right, perfectly enough…no more no less.

First, let’s begin by making an easy and quick three project list:

Number 1 in Gold Texture with Snowflakes Surrounding | BuDhaGirl

The first project should be something small, like cleaning out the catch all drawer (we all have one). This task will not take long but it will give you a feeling of completion. Be prepared. Find three containers: one for the items you will toss, one for the items you will keep, and one for the items you will recycle or donate. Do not skip this step. Then, with a critical yet neutral eye, go through the items and see what you still need, still want, and what is no longer of value. Take a cloth and wipe the inside of the drawer, remove any stagnant energy. If you have leftover wrapping paper, line the drawer and add a couple of spritzes of fragrance to the paper. Now you are ready to put the items you want back into the drawer. Use little boxes or containers to keep things in order. Smile. Next time you open that drawer it will bring joy and energy to your day.

Number 2 in Gold Texture with Snowflakes Surrounding | BuDhaGirl

The second project is your medicine cabinet/toiletry cabinet. This is something most of us use every single day, multiple times a day. I find that we become blind to what is actually there, almost a kind of denial that we have things we will NEVER use again or are out of code. Be prepared. Find three containers. Empty your medicine cabinet or toiletry drawer. In one container place medicines that are out of code (you can toss these at your local pharmacy). Please do not flush them or run them down the sink…that’s dangerous. In the next container place all the items you can safely discard of at home like sunscreen, old mascara, that makeup base that didn’t work, even old cotton swabs. The third container is what you will keep. Using a damp cloth perhaps with a bit of all-purpose cleanser, wipe down all the items you are going to keep. Wipe down the inside of the cabinet or drawer. Then, find some glassware you do not often use and place in cabinet to hold the items, perhaps also little boxes, or containers, making the inside of the cabinet a fun collage of items. Smile. You will so enjoy your cabinet now.

Number 3 in Gold Texture with Snowflakes Surrounding | BuDhaGirl

These first two projects are simple and take virtually no time if you have prepared. The third project is a “pick your battle” project. What will give you the most joy if it was in order? Is it your closet? Your refrigerator? Your desk? Your garage? I bet any of these are good candidates. Again, for this cleansing ritual to be successful you must prepare. Do not tackle this without setting intentions. Trust me on this. Once you have determined the area you are going to cleanse, then find containers that will hold: items to be discarded, items that can be recycled or donated, items that are still of value in your life. You can also light a candle and pick a favorite playlist while you are performing this cleansing ritual. Remember, this might take a minute to complete so make sure you have plenty of time or be realistic and divide it into steps. The sense of renewal that takes place after completing a difficult task where you are focused on constantly asking yourself: Do I still need this? Will I ever wear this? I can’t believe I bought this. This could be of service to someone else. Once you have removed all the items you no longer wish to have in your life. Cleanse the area by lighting a candle or burning a bit of sage. Think about how this area will give you joy. Make it fun. Make it a visual feast. Make it trigger a smile next time you are in this space.

January's Full Moon Exercise: Setting Intentions | BuDhaGirlJanuary's Full Moon Exercise: Setting Intentions | BuDhaGirl

Being aware about intention flow is important. We need to recognize that at times our intentions don’t happen as quickly as we want or on what I call: “on our time.” However, if your intention has been set with clarity, serenity, and gratitude, the universe is simply giving you more time to prepare. Keep in mind that you can’t control things other than your thoughts and actions, the more you relax and let go of expectation, the more the universe will align with you and bring opportunities your way.