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Article: Ten Things We have Learned From Jessica Jesse

Ten Things We have Learned From Jessica Jesse

Ten Things We have Learned From Jessica Jesse

This week we are Celebrating BuDhaGirl's founder and CEO, Jessica Jesse! 10 years ago, Jessica began this journey of turning our everyday routines into rituals through the beauty of Mindful Glamour®; however, through this adventure, she has done so much more. She has touched the lives of SO MANY and will continue to do so … one bangle at a time. 

Today we would like to share with you ten nuggets of wisdom that we have all learned from the great Jessica Jesse.

Step one: Seek and Find beauty.|Jessica Jesse | BuDhaGirl

1. Seek and Create Beauty

One of Jessica’s many rituals is the importance of seeking and finding beauty, from dressing impeccably to putting in the effort to add beauty to the spaces around you, both physically and spiritually.

One of her favorite terms is Kintsugi…pronounced /kin-too-gee/, which is the art of highlighting imperfections and putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold.

I believe that Kintsugi is, in fact, a metaphor for how we should see ourselves …as beautiful, miraculous pieces that may have once been broken but are now bound together by beauty … now worth far beyond what we could have imagined.

“I’ve learned that seeking beauty in everything, EVEN in the very small things, can change your life. It is not the big picture that we should always focus on, but its beauty in the little moments that make up your day – it’s often the simple things that bring out the most happiness.” Sydney Schweizer, Assistant Creative Director 

Step Two: How to turn a routine into a ritual.|Jessica Jesse | BuDhaGirl 

2. Turn routines into rituals.

To Jessica, everything is a ritual. She states, “I am a huge proponent of Having goals, ambitions, and having the perseverance to attain your dreams BUT not at the expense of daily joy." - Jessica Jesse.

It is daily rituals that bring quality into your life, and the compilation of these takes us on our joyful journey toward our bigger destiny. Jessica, through this profound discovery, has invented a way of creating a ritual with our All Weather Bangle®. These beautiful bangles are created with an embossed bead symbolizing the Serenity Prayer. To make this process adaptable to your daily life, follow our daily and evening rituals.

Step 3: How to set your an intentions|Jessica Jesse|BuDhaGirl|

3. Set your intentions.

In today's world of digital confusion-want, the art of setting intentions has become ever more important. In fact, such a simple concept of intentions can be life-changing.

Do you want to know why most people DON’T set their intentions? Well, Jessica believes it's too easy…” it's too simple… people think it just can’t work. For something to influence our lives, we think it must be complicated; it must make us sweat; it must have multiple steps when most of the time, all we need is to simply identify what we somehow don’t believe in the power of our own free will to make things a reality”.

I completely agree with her. When I was first tasked with creating my very own daily intentions, I felt this overwhelming presence of choice paralysis when our intentions should be… simply authentic to ourselves. If you would like to join us BuDhaGirls, on a journey to create intentions but need a little help getting started, watch this video by Jessica Jesse. 

 Step four|The importance of Finding a higher purpose. |Jessica Jesse | BuDhaGirl

4. Discover your higher purpose.

I have always had a deep connection to knowing and to living in purpose, and although this may sound cliché, I believe that everyone’s deep thirst for personal purpose is what guides up to fulfill a much higher calling.

Within my short time here, it is apparent that Jessica Jesse has this grandiose presence that causes some to wonder…. Where is her “force” derived from?

It comes as no shock that Jessica, too, has found a higher purpose.

As described in the DCEO article “Finding A Higher Purpose.” It is through this purpose that Jessica embodies the perseverance and courage that it takes to create opportunities that impact the lives of others. Whether it is through customers who are wearing their All Weather Bangles or through the many artisans who make these bangles in Thailand, our lives have been incredibly impacted.

But the most beautiful thing is that Jessica is living her purpose through BuDhaGirl. 

 Step Five:Gratitude breathes greatness|Jessica Jesse| BuDhaGirl

5. Gratitude Breeds Greatness

In Jessica's eyes, gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues but the parent of all others.

Whilst lying in gratitude, one harnesses the ability to acknowledge the miracle of life. Even spontaneous moments should be recognized as lessons that have happened to create opportunities that push us to better ourselves.

Jessica urges us to know and realize that gratitude is about being whole - it’s a kind of circle of life.

Step 6: Self-love| BuDhaGirl | Jessica Jessie |

6. Love Yourself

Amor Philautia, the pure love of oneself… is a profound necessity of life. Jessica encourages us to love every unique piece and part of ourselves. While some respectfully fear the overindulgence of self-love. Jessica reminds us that it is the art of self-love that also keeps us safe and healthy. Self-love allows us to create beautiful environments. And above all else, it makes us aware of others.

“I learned that to be an artist is to believe in life - that no matter what form I express my art in, the true art is myself. “- Cindy Ngo, Photographer/Videographer/Graphic Designer.

Step 7: You, Me, We | BuDhaGirl | Jessica Jessie |

7. Me, You, WE; Connections are important.

Ahh, the beauty of connection. Why does taking a step back always help us see the bigger picture? Jessica has always challenged those around us to be in the present moment and to connect with others in a way that builds a much greater impact in the world. Her many notions around interconnectedness, teamwork, and working towards a bigger cause can't help but shift your perspective from ME to WE.

Jessica speaks about this profound thought more in her video titled You, Me, and We.

Step 8: Preparation is an Art| BuDhaGirl | Jessica Jessie |

8. Preparedness is an art.

Jessica has captured the embodiment of Luck as she believes it happens when PREPARATION meets a divine opportunity. And trust me when I say Jessica loves nothing more than the art of preparation. Whether it's gracefully creating a table for her friends and family to gather or teasing us around the office, saying, “I need everyone to wear both their belt and their suspenders,” which is just a humorous way of saying, “Come prepared.” Jessica simply embodies the beauty of preparation. 

In fact, one of Jessica’s favorite quotes surrounding luck and preparation is, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”- Henry Ford.

The more one prepares for success & seizes the many opportunities that come their way, the luckier they are. 

Step 9: Well-being is wealth| BuDhaGirl | Jessica Jessie |

9. Well-being is wealth.

Wellbeing is extremely important to Jessica, so much so that she is deeply involved with Global Wellness Institute, a nonprofit aiming to empower well-being worldwide by educating people about preventative health and wellness.

But when some think of wealth, they immediately turn to the thought of luxury. 

Well, to Jessica, Luxury is a state of mind, and there is nothing more luxurious than being present. With the awareness that allows us to enjoy all the moments that make up our daily life, we can experience true wealth and true well-being, whether it's tending to a garden, feeding yourself fresh food, or the subtle art of laughing and not taking yourself too seriously. Being in the present moment is where true well-being and wealth can be found.

Step 10: Generosity and Giving are powerfull| BuDhaGirl | Jessica Jessie |

10. Generosity and giving are powerful.

A great giver gives from the heart…This generosity is not based on amount, value, or quantity. It's based on a giving spirit.

Jessica gracefully gives, but not just any kind of gift… she gifts those around her with patience and love and with an ear to listen and to heart that fosters ideas and perspectives. And she does so EFFORTLESSLY. Now, of course, she also gifts those around her with avant-garde fashion pieces because what can we say …its Jessica Jesse.

But above all else, she gifts those around her cheerfully… and without wanting anything in return.

Her giving is an expression and transformation of the gratitude that has taken root within her. It is through her gratitude that she now has the power to generate opportunities and happiness for others.

“Jessica has taught me how to be in the moment without fear of the future… and how to sit in the now” – Idrees Rasheed, Director of Business Analytics and IT Development.

Bonus: How to Become a BuDhaGirl® or a BuDhaHomme®

Whether it is through creating rituals or seeking beauty in our everyday lives, we can all become BuDhaGirls and BuDhaHommes.

Jessica Jesse's journey is an extraordinary tapestry of intention, purpose, and connection. Her wisdom has touched our lives in profound ways, inspiring us to embrace gratitude, generosity, and self-love. As we seek to find our higher purpose and nurture meaningful connections, let us carry forth these timeless lessons from Jessica Jesse's captivating journey.

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