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Moon Phases

Moon rituals have been practiced across various cultures and spiritual traditions for centuries, each imbued with its unique symbolism and significance. The moon, with its ever-changing phases, has long captivated human imagination, serving as a celestial muse for poets, artists, and mystics. Moon rituals often center around harnessing the energy of the moon to manifest intentions, release negativity, and connect with the cycles of nature.

One of the most well-known moon rituals involves aligning activities with specific lunar phases. The lunar cycle consists of four primary phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Each phase is believed to carry distinct energies that influence human emotions, intentions, and spiritual growth.

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New Moon Rituals

The new moon is considered a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. It's an opportune moment for setting intentions, initiating projects, and planting seeds for personal or spiritual growth. Rituals during this phase often involve meditation, visualization, and the creation of vision boards to clarify and focus intentions.

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Waxing Moon Rituals

As the moon grows in size during the waxing phase, it symbolizes the amplification of energy and momentum. Rituals at this time may involve activities that support the growth of intentions, such as candle magic, journaling, and progressive goal-setting. It's a time for building and nurturing aspirations.

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Full Moon Rituals

The full moon is a powerful and energetically charged time when the moon is at its brightest. Full moon rituals often emphasize releasing and letting go. This can include purging negative energy, forgiveness practices, and rituals for closure. Many people choose to charge crystals or perform divination during this phase.

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Waning Moon Rituals

As the moon diminishes in size during the waning phase, it's associated with decluttering, cleansing, and banishing. Rituals during this time might involve purification practices, breaking bad habits, and releasing anything that no longer serves one's highest good. It's a period of introspection and shedding.

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The Moon reflects rather than creates energy. Every month there is an opportunity to be guided and energized by the cycle and phases of the Moon. I have discovered that if we pay attention to how we are feeling at different times of the month, be it male or female, there is a relation to the phases of the Moon.

Embracing Moon energy means understanding cyclical living. Everything has a beginning, middle and end, and each month you are certain that the cycle begins once again as the passing years have proven. Every month is an opportunity for discovery, growth, change, acceptance, and fulfillment.

Let’s dive deeper into what will be our important touch points during the month. The Moon Cycle has eight stages:

NEW MOON | You can’t see it, the moon is dark in the sky. This is a time of beginnings, and the New Moon is the time to set intentions.

WAXING CRESCENT | This is when the moon looks like a “croissant”. This is the time to reflect upon the intentions you have set and the tools needed to make them happen. This tool kit can be solely internal or it can also have physical actions.

FIRST QUARTER | This is when the moon looks half full. There is more light reflecting from the moon, half light and half dark. Let’s explore the light side. Have yourself a little check-in. What needs to be put in order or perhaps what needs to be modified to reach your intentions.

WAXING GIBBOUS | This is when the moon feels like its gaining speed and growing larger.This phase is full of energy. This is the time to stay motivated and looking for signs that the universe wants to help you attain your intentions.

FULL MOON | This is the time when it looks like a full pizza pie. Time to energize ourselves and our sacred objects that absorb the moon’s reflective light and full “mother” energy. Wonderful time to celebrate full moon rituals.

WANING GIBBOUS | This is when the moon goes on a diet. This is the time to reflect upon where you are on your intentions and their outcome. Are you satisfied?

THIRD QUARTER | Again, back to a semi-circle. One side light one side dark. This time explore the dark side, the unknown motivations, the unfulfilled expectations. Is there are reason for these? Maybe not the right time?

WANING CRESCENT | This is when the moon goes back to a “croissant” shape. In this phase it is time to rest and reconvene and once again reflect. How’d it go? Are you happy? Are you grateful? Are you experiencing the reality of your fulfilled or unfulfilled intentions? Are you okay?