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Article: Year of the Dragon

Red and Gold Year of the Dragon Bangle Bracelet Stack on Model Wearing Red Dress for Lunar New Year | BuDhaGirl

Year of the Dragon

I wish I would have been born in the Year of the Dragon... it’s so dramatic and fabulous!!! (I’m actually a rabbit.)
The Dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good fortune in Chinese culture, it is associated with royalty. People born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to possess unique characteristics that reflect the qualities of this mythical creature. Dragons are known for their courage, intelligence, and ambitious nature. Those born under this sign are often seen as natural leaders with a strong desire for success. They are said to be charismatic, assertive, and unafraid of challenges.
Red and Gold Year of the Dragon Bangle Bracelet Stack on Model Wearing Red Dress for Lunar New Year | BuDhaGirl
Famous Dragons:
  • 1964 - Sandra Bullock, Nicolas Cage, Jeff Bezos
  • 1976 - Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Farrell, Rashida Jones
  • 1988 - Rihanna, Emma Stone, Adele
The celestial dragon is considered a divine being that brings good fortune and prosperity. It is believed that individuals born in the Year of the Dragon are destined for greatness and are likely to achieve success in their endeavors. There have been baby boom years in China when couples waited to get pregnant in order for the child to be born in the Year of the Dragon.
May this Lunar New Year bring everyone, Dragon or not, much health, wealth and joy. Gong hei fat choy, ya’ll!!!!
QUIZ: What do you call dragon babies?
A hatchling is a baby dragon—not to be confused with a dragonet, which is a miniature adult dragon. A group of dragon eggs is called a “clutch.”

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